Pivot Founders


Our mission is to Pivot Women and Children Globally from Sexual Slavery and Exploitation to Freedom.

We lead front line missions into bars to meet and minister to girls right where they are at; a life of dark, lonely servitude. We provide options for them in whatever stage they are in their freedom through our work with reputable and committed international partners with boots on the ground and commitment to the vision that aligns with our mission. From friendship with our team members in bar ministries, to safe houses where they finally break free (Wipe Every Tear), to long-term residential communities committed to their recovery and success (Houses of Refuge), we exist to help these girls pursue thriving lives of meaning and purpose.

Pivot's bold and strategic approach is achieving meaningful impact and freedom for many girls, and bringing true freedom to many more is our desire and motivation.

Thank you for partnering in this vital work and for expanding our reach to the most vulnerable.

With Purpose,

Scott & Ayame Crosley

Pivot Faith & Valor Founders

Why Pivot?

We chose the word “Pivot” to describe this ministry because of the connotation of helping folks make radical changes with the end goal of turning towards Christ. Our passion is to help women pivot from the human trafficking industry and find a new job and freedom in Christ. Likewise, we desire to help the men pivot from the bondage of sexual addiction and abuse.

  • Pivot was founded by Scott and Ayame Crosley in 2018. Pivot is strategically aligned with Wipe Every Tear in the Philippines and Sowers International in other Southeast Asia countries.
  • Partnered with Wipe Every Tear (WET) with the goal of helping to rescue Filipina girls caught in the sex trade industry across Southeast Asia.
  • Partnered with Sowers International for continued work in Cambodia.
  • Our team lived in Hong Kong for the majority of 2019. We are now expanding our operations to South & Central America, as well as Asia.

We exist to Pivot Women and Children Globally
from Sexual Slavery and Exploitation to Freedom.

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