Revolutionary Approach


Male Teams rent "bar girls" and bring them to female teams in secure locations.


Teams feed girls and offer a couple of hours of "freedom" before having to return to bars and brothels.


Female teams share faith and explain safehouse opportunities.

Three Different Types of Anti-Human Trafficking Work

Raising Awareness and/or Supporting Front Line Groups: Most anti-human trafficking NGOs and groups fall into this category. They host conferences, which help to increase global awareness regarding the human- trafficking issue. Many of these groups also help to financially support front-line groups trying to actively rescue girls.

Hard Rescue Approach: This necessitates working with local police and Government Organizations conducting raids to arrest perpetrators. This is the primary way to disrupt the growing online child sex industry and to rescue underage girls.

Soft Rescue Approach: This is the primary approach and strategy for Pivot today. This involves creatively finding ways to access and befriend the girls in the bars and brothels, acquire time with the girls inviting them to Pivot towards Freedom.


Pivot Missions Model

Step 1

Awareness and Fundraising

Step 1

Step 2

Recon Target Area Location

Step 3

Recruit and Train Operators

Step 3

Step 4

Coordinate Logistics

Step 5

Liaison with Country Coordinators

Step 5

Step 6

Real World Training

Step 7

Conduct Mission Ops

Step 7

Step 8

Follow Through / AAR


We exist to Pivot Women and Children Globally
from Sexual Slavery and Exploitation to Freedom.

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